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2010-09-15 20:18:51 Roger Buys A Boy - Part 1 You are just a sick genius, and just how easy you took that boy, man, I hope I find a drugged mother, so I can buy my own boy too, heheh.
2010-09-15 20:23:17 Roger Buys A Boy - Part 2 Is there a third part?
2010-09-15 20:34:12 The street boy kidnapper part 2 Well, I'm not sure about saying it was fantastic, and even thought you don't have a very nice handwriting, and besides your first language is certainly not this one, I liked this story, and since you are a teenager, just like me (you said so), I hope your next sex story is simply the best of the three, oh, and I would recommend you to look for somebody to check out your work once you've finish writing.