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2009-02-15 04:53:08 A butterfly of bestial delights I have other stories to impart. However, this site seems to be dominated by certain writers. Therefore, if I get enough positive ratings, it would be inspire to me. I stopped submitting after it became apparent that certain authors used unscrupulous methods to artificially lower ratings. Your support, by giving a positive rating, as a genuinely entertained reader, is appreciated. ;)
2009-02-15 05:17:49 Auntie's amorous animal teaches the twins Thanks for the kind props!

In fact, I have written adult novels which have already been published. Sadly, the "powers that be" in the RW are determined to stop publication of "offensive material" such as I create; I have been stymied at every turn in my efforts to deliver extreme adult entertainment to the porn-text loving audience of the world; Denied any income for my efforts to entertain adult readers, again and again, at even the smallest profit, due to moral objection of "our governments". All the while, mainstream writers prosper through their banal "officially sanctioned" efforts to win acclaim.

Still, it is a great honour to read positive comments, and receiving positive ratings fuels my desire to titillate.

Please take the time to give this story a positive rating. Thank you ;)