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2010-09-30 21:05:46 Billy Bob Always good to get a funny comment ... tree fucking ... oh wait, i did that too! but I was 31! Anyway, I can't agree more strongly with the paragraph comment. Please people, how hard it is? It makes such a difference.
2010-10-01 00:06:28 HERE KITTY KITTY you do have a way with words
2010-10-01 01:09:10 Caitlin Must Be Bred! 1 The character is definitely odious. To a certain extent I suppose I have to give the author credit for creating such an insidious individual. It's funny how other people's kinds sometime don't make sense, e.g., I love incest stories and young stories but the thought of knocking up my daughter (not that I actually have a daughter) is an abomination. I know lots of women have that fantasy though, so there must be something to it.
2010-10-01 14:58:46 bonding with daddy it really sucks when a good story is apparently a plagiarism. I WOULDN'T HAVE GIVEN IT A POSITIVE RATING HAD I KNOWN!
2010-10-01 16:42:39 Born Beautiful Look, I think you people are nuts! This story is very well written. The few spelling errors stand out in an otherwise well crafted piece. Given the venue (this web site) it was way too long if you're looking for some titillating tale to get your nut off. This story is more than erotica; it tried to wear many hats which is usually a recipe for disaster but, in this instance, I think the author succeeded. The story was ambitious and, ultimately, did not fall short. The ending was strong. The pacing decent to good. The character development was awesome considering the protagonist was contemptible. In the end, I found myself rooting for her. I will make this story my first favorite.