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2011-08-19 12:31:06 Reprogramming Could be better keep going
2012-11-08 13:11:21 Broken Birds, Part 37, A Space in Time / Epilogue As an Viet Nam vet I know some of what Michael must have been going through and I feel for him and all the others like him. The small town I came from Class of '69; 45 males graduated and 38 entered service: 5 are left. NO one ever told us thanks. But the man who raped my best friends sister joined the fishes about 6mo after it happened. None of us have ever been questioned so we figured that being a small town every body knew and figured it was justice.
Thank You for writing this story and THANK YOU to all like Michael who served!!!!!
2013-01-11 17:02:45 A Change Of Plans | Chapter 2 Is he 29 or 31 and did she have the oldest girl at 10; GET YOUR ages straight. Premis good, plot good, facts poor.
2013-02-27 03:37:18 MORE! MORE! but like Anon 06:59:58 said DON'T GET WEIRD yet
2013-04-03 04:28:59 UPDATE INFO ON SUPERNATURAL NATION, FATE, & F.O.P. Way to go. It's about time somebody told these imbecilic twits where to get off. Keep up the good work.