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2010-10-01 10:25:29 Clubhouse Gangbang Love your stories, I want to be gangbanged and used like that!
2012-01-23 06:16:22 Garbage Bag I loved your story... made my pussy all wet!
2012-01-25 04:38:24 Alice stuffed full & Fiona the spunk target I loved this. I would love to find a man who will turn me into his whore!
2012-01-26 06:35:34 A Secret Admirer I really enjoyed what you wrote. Like some other people, I don't understand the negative comments. Your story is tagged, indicating what sex acts are contained in it. I think the people who read something that is clearly marked as to what it's about and then complain that it's sick, are the ones who are sick. There are thousands of stories on this site, they should stick to the more vanilla stories and leave the dark chocolate flavors to those of us who get aroused by these topics. Keep up the good work!
2012-02-08 05:53:04 The Business Thanks for the suggestion to read your material! I loved this and will be reading the rest! Great work!