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2010-11-12 04:35:43 I loved the story. I wish that laws and society would change so Incest was legal. My daughter has ask me many times to be with her i refused. Now it is too late she has married and moved away.
2011-01-01 08:24:36 Bus ride home Yes please put some breaks in your story to make it eazer to read. It was a good start. Keep going you are doing better then I could.
2011-05-16 21:53:05 All because of one F'n party I am sorry but where was the romance. I didn't see any just a young girl getting in over her head . Romance has love feels tenderness. NOT RAPE
2011-06-01 03:38:49 Finding a Treasure at Winn-Dixie 2 Please write more parks to your lovely story.
2011-06-04 01:04:49 Stories of Davis Hall 3: Fingered Poor Wiil his mom is getting married. And he was almost killed a few time and no marriage and a girlfriend that loves to tease him.