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2011-05-05 15:21:49 Amazing Anal Good story. Well done
2011-05-18 00:29:52 Lisa, Gillian and Me Mr kool,

Thank you for the positive vote and the comment. More is coming, I promise.
2011-05-24 18:51:37 Lisa, Gillian and Me (Final Part) Ed,

Thank you for the kind comment. Yes the two ladies did want another session and one day I may relate that one. We only got together as a threesome one more time though the girls apparently had some time by themselves too. I can't relate those stories as I wasn't there.

As I said at the start of part one, sometimes really spectacular things happen over a long and happy marriage and my Lisa has a wonderfully dirt mind.

I am trying to think of a time that readers will enjoy reading about because I got a low rating (no comments as to why) on this one. I have to assume they didn't enjoy this. I certainly did Lisa and Gillian.