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2010-12-14 19:39:35 Highschool Grade 9 Chapter 1 I cut it short because of a recent death in the family. Funeral to attend, new suit to buy, you know the drill.
2010-12-14 23:59:43 Highschool Grade 9 Chapter 1 For those who care, Chapter 2 has been sent in to be validated. Thanks for the Positive ratings, and Chapter two has a scene I hope you will all appreciate.
2010-12-15 17:56:24 Highschool Grade 9 Chapter 1 Thanks, Anonymous reader. I'm not sure how I'll play things out entirely, but I appreciate your opinion, it brings me one step closer to knowing what the readers like.
2010-12-20 22:23:18 Highschool Grade 9 Chapter 2 Working on Chapter 3 currently, I hope you all enjoyyed this installment. I find this a tad bit mediocre, and despite better ratings, I know I lost a few Positives to a lack of content. Please stick around for the next chapter, and I already have a few more planned out, so be counting on those to come along within the next few weeks as well.
2011-05-30 21:30:21 The Game of Love and War part 1 I'm of the mindset at the moment to be adding another part each week. I typically get the mojo for writing these out going on a Friday or Saturday night, when my mind is too overused to think of anything else. It makes things, purer, in a sense.

My philosophies aside, thanks for commenting, expect these at least once a week, there may be the occasional week where I just churn out a part a day, who knows. I plan for this to last a while, unlike previous stories where I kind of lost interest in the plot itself.

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