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2010-11-06 12:06:17 Top Secret Project I don't know what's up with all the slashes in the text. They weren't there when I submitted. I think something's weird in the stories system since it's return. Please try to ignore them. I hope you enjoy the story.
2010-11-08 02:46:31 Top Secret Project Yeah, the comments system is still a bit screwed up with a delay or something.

I've got a few more stories written already. I have to wait for the system to accept them all though. It takes a while. They mostly have more direct cannibalism as that's the main part of my fetish. Not all of them are as torturous, but some are moreso. In some, I even WANT to be eaten.

I'm glad you liked it, and I hope you enjoy the others as they come in.
2010-11-17 19:10:57 Mike\'s Pet: Meat Well, if this is not for you, I would not recommend reading anything else I write. All my fantasies wind up with my body being eaten, and that's what these are, my fantasies. Hopefully you find some stories more suited to your tastes.
2010-12-05 01:31:15 Eat Me "Not going thumb up or down, Because I'm not into this wierd stuff.

I think this is disgusting. Please keep it as a fantasy, don't go getting ideas and start chopping people up. "
I don't know why you would click on a story with the "cannibalism" tag if it offends you. I hope you find something else more suitable to your tastes elsewhere.

Don't worry about me. I have no intention of actually lying down onto a grill. This is fantasy, not reality. Sure, my fetish is to be cooked and/or eaten alive, but I don't want to die, and I'm not stupid. I write stories of my fantasies instead of doing them.

I also would NEVER hurt someone else like that either. It would be wrong and it doesn't interest me.

Thanks for your concern though.

- Sarah
2010-12-05 11:56:57 Mike\'s Pet: Meat "You are a staine on socity and should walk off a cliff to spare the world your vilness. I mean i am a bit crazy myself but you make murders look sane you sicko"I'm curious as to how this story makes murderers look sane. I thought it made him look cruel and cunning, but certainly not sane.

You realize, of course, that my fetish is to be the victim of cannibalism, not to inflict it on others. That's why the story is told from the victim's point of view. I'm not really seeing why some of you could think of me a danger to anyone else from that.

And really, why are you looking for stories in the cannibalism section if it offends you? Check the tags before you read. For example, I don't like underage stories, so I check the tags for pedophiliac content to make sure that I don't read a story that has it. You could do the same thing for the cannibalism, snuff, death and murder tags.

- Sarah