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2011-03-15 13:47:00 Harry Potter - Chapter 8 Pt 2 I really hope Harry never gets to be with Hermione in this story as he is a complete arse and he doesn't deserve her (plus i firmly believe that Ron and Hermione belong together).

I am hoping that whatever Ginny has planned it is suitably mean. I sort of suspect you are going to have Ron and Harry have sex but i guess i will have to wait and see to see if that prediction is accurate.
2011-04-13 15:58:37 Harry Potter Adventures: Chapter 1 – 6th Year Begins I am sorry but the person who left a review at 14:55:55 is talking crap as anyone who has read the books can see there is no sexual tension what so ever between Harry and Hermione.
2011-06-02 03:48:44 12 Grimmauld Place Harry Potter There are a few issues with this story but nothing that can't be fixed. The paragraphing is a bit off and sometimes makes it a bit hard to read and i personally feel there isn't enough dialogue between the characters but other than that it was well written.

As for the story itself i am a fan of canon relationships but i don't mind Ron/Ginny and even Ron/Harry if the author can make it believable. I'm not really a fan of Harry/Hermione but i just skimmed that part of the story and started reading more intently when Ron and Ginny came into the equation.
2011-07-08 17:53:14 Harry Potter - Chapter 9 Pt1 For the most part i am enjoying this story and i also like how they have pretty much separated into canon pairings with Harry and Ginny together and Ron and Hermione together. As for Draco, Crabbe and Goyle hopefully they get what is coming to them.
2011-07-08 20:28:55 Harry's Luck This story really isn't good. Not only does Harry feel WAY out of character but the idea that he has a 14 inch penis is ludicrous.