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2011-06-21 11:01:57 jenny the teenage robot (xj9) part 2 hey everybody i need comments from you say if its bad or good or sucked beyond any point of return i need you to comment on this thank you
2011-08-16 14:53:49 SHAKE IT UP guys thank you for the good reviews but i need criticism also because i need to do better. yes this is my best story yet but i need my next one to be better thanks for reading and please give more comments bye

greatly fireup1
2011-08-16 21:41:50 FAMILY GUY this is really good for new time sex story readers before the progress into the world of sex becomes bigger and more understanding is all i can say if you get it you get it
bye bye

2011-08-17 10:11:38 SHAKE IT UP I just noticed it i am sorry for the wall of text i will revise it and do a better job sorry guys thanks for the comment
2011-08-21 10:51:18 Shake it up yo um well the story was kinda okay it was longer than mine but dude the only good story you did was "sunny with a chance to get laid" but still this one was okay check out mine and comment about it

oh and u didn't do a good job in the personal info so have fun day dude

greatly FIREUP1