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Date Story title Comment
2010-11-08 12:50:48 Missy Learns That was so FREAKING HAWT!!
2010-12-01 11:52:51 Meeting Master Can't wait to read another. very good!!
2010-12-03 13:00:09 That was FREAKING HOT!! I swear after I read this I was at the dog park and a guy came walking thru with his Great Dane and my twat started to twitch!! I had to come back and read it again.
2010-12-03 16:36:07 Master Claims His Pet Part 2 Fantastic!! Looking forward to part 3.
2010-12-04 18:37:21 Dam that was intense!! My favorite story on here so far. But I agree with seperate the chapters. It's easier to find where you left off. Thoroughly enjoyed non the less.