Comments from Happy Rabbit

Date Story title Comment
2010-11-10 20:37:25 The Kiss I tink that this is a very good story.
2010-11-16 02:19:23 little sisters birthday wish 1 Escaping and dealing with Mormonism is hard to do as a teen.

The cought, snitch, and in trouble factors are so great.
2010-11-20 15:09:42 My Little Sister Sophie (Parts 1 & 2) So far this atory is really good and well written.
2010-11-20 15:34:05 My Little Sister Sophie (Part 3) Way Way Hot. Good writing. Good Story line. Little Sis appears to be in charge.
2010-11-27 19:54:40 An incest birthday chapter 10 I could have done with out the Dallas bit. However it turned out okay.

You are a very good writter and you throw curves and plot twist so well.

I suggest that Steph and her Brother are really having incest and want a cover as much as Randy ans Rita do.

Aunt Liza should hook up with the Bosses Brother.

All the females should get Pregennt and not be sure who the father is. All this Seman we need some Babyies.

I do not want any one killed off. Dad should find out so but be okay with it, I liked 9 until the change.

I am into happy sex and happy endings, That is why i log in as Happy Rabbit. May Daughter has two Rabbits, hey stay in seperate cages in my finished basement about 12 feet from this Computer Station. I also have 3 Cats and a Small Dog but the Dog stays outside or on the Lani. I don't want the Dog but he belongs to my Son and as long as he takes care of him, I am okay with it. Its the smell mainly. I have a Wicked Sinus problem. All in all a Great Series.