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2014-07-29 21:02:55 Wandering-Final This is so unlike your other works. I must say I was quite impressed with this style and the imagination of this work. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad I ran across it.
2011-08-18 11:58:02 She's My Best Friends Girl Great story. You did a wonderful job working up to the sexual encounter.
2011-09-13 14:52:13 Hell Hath No Fury... Great story. Can't wait for the next chapter.
2011-10-17 13:44:05 Rachael’s Story – Chapter 1 – Time stands still Every older brother's fantasy.
2011-12-02 15:59:12 Gift Unwrapping Very well written story. I love the fact that the characters were innocent and respectful of each other. A very believable tale of a first time experience.