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I haven't written anything for this site yet and I don't really plan to. I just come here to read stories. Good stories. Well written stories. If the grammar is a bit off, I don't mind. It is only when the plot is too dry, the errors and general mistakes get too numerous, or both that I lose interest. I like taboo stories. Bestiality, incest, etc. One of the things that I like the best are stories of mid or early teen boys (14-16) Hooking up with older or adult women because it allows guys like me who have wanted to fuck their doctors or teachers to fantasize about being a young man again and getting to fulfill ourselves with our imagination using that as help. Short stories bug me, I hate seeing stories that are less than a few thousand words or so in length, the action is over and done with too quickly for it to be enjoyable. Or stories that are a good length, and the sex is plenty in ... I guess you could say amount, but isn't paid nearly as much attention as the story so it ends up being short and nondescriptive and therefore not erotic. If I like the story, I will add it to my favorites and give a positive rating. If you manage to put out good work consistently and constantly I will become a fan and defend you with my last breath.


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