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2011-05-12 19:10:26 Palin's Problem Is this an excerpt from Palin's new book? Sure seems like one of her mystical events. She's way out there!
2011-09-05 16:22:01 A T-Girls Guide To Cock Sucking Dated a hermaphrodite in my 20's and "her" parents wanted us to marry as she had both sex organs and could have children but had a long clitoris that oozed cum and she fucked like a champ.
2012-02-29 15:55:35 Catching Emily My Sister was 7 years older than me and She worked till midnight as a waitress for extra money to get married when her fiancée came home from the service in Korea. I would go into her bedroom and we would talk about her visions of the future. Sometimes She would would be partially undressed revealing her stockings and bra. Once I got a raging hardon as She rolled about the bed talking about her sexual dreams. She reached over and took my cock in her hand, wacking me off into her mouth. My cock was still hard and She pulled me onto the bed , mounted me, and rode me to get off. Afterwards She gave me a big kiss and made me promise not to tell anyone about our tryst. The next morning and many afterwards She'd come into my room and fuck me silly. It all ended when She got married but She even fucked me the morning of her wedding. 50 years later I still remember those joyous times of my youth with Sister and She still will give me a squeeze on the cock when we're alone as a remembrance.