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2014-08-19 14:16:49 Mandy's Mommy Several ratings so far but no comments! Much sadnesss =(
2013-10-03 19:12:31 Mandy and Daddy I'll be giving everyone who DIDN'T READ THE FUCKING TAGS a big shout-out in part 2! Thanks for chiming in
2013-10-03 21:19:23 Mandy and Daddy Well, so far we've only got one named taker on 'didn't read the tags', and I'd say that's gone2far, who ironically seems to think this story went to far =D

Actually surprisingly little hate in the comments. Usually scat stuff is deluged by whiners. But let's give it a week, shall we?
2013-10-07 11:20:10 Mandy and Danny What terrible fate awaits Mandy at home? What further degradation could she possibly endure? How could her situation become even more horrible? How will her lovable pet German Shepherd, Dixon, be a part of this unrelenting depravity? Never fear, bold readers! Mandy's punishment will be described in excruciating detail in the upcoming conclusion, "Mandy and Dixon" - stay tuned!
2013-10-07 11:24:50 Mandy and Daddy pencilpusher, you're in luck! Check out the far more extreme sequel, "Mandy and Danny", for Mandy's next, even kinkier adventure!