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2010-11-24 02:11:05 Friendly Advice Good story. It remember when i was a teen learning sex w/my sister's. me and my brother's playing w/our sister's. Great times
2010-11-24 02:13:03 Friendly Advice Love the story. I and my brother's and sex game w/our sister's when we were growing up
2010-11-27 21:03:09 Nubile Bliss 1 Like the the story, it is true that young girls like sex. I been approach by young as 10 yrs old girls in South America
2011-01-02 20:57:13 At The Playground like it so far, it reminded of my self
2011-01-02 20:58:58 At The Playground good so far, but it think how it turns out