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2011-02-10 13:04:13 A TREAT FOR HER VOYEUR Re: Anonymous reader that doesn't like my narrative. I guess you don't like it because it doesn't have any pedo in it. If she ever needed a "real man", it woudn't be you who is too chicken shit to use a name and hide behind "anonmous"
2011-02-16 09:39:21 Sophomore Year at College, Part I I thoroughly enjoyed your story. It was very believable and I was able to envision myself in your place and enjoyed the experience vicariously through you. I know what you meant by "real woman" and the fact that you had to pull out to avoid getting her pregnant, made the narrative most plausible and real. It was a welcome change for me to read about a woman that didn't have 36DD breasts and a guy that didn't have a 10" to 13" cock. Thanks for keeping it real. On a technical note, I hope that you find a way to post your next story so that all of the text fits on the screen. I had to scroll left and right on my 19" monitor screen which broke the flow.
2011-02-21 13:10:47 Our Trip To Alburqurque Great story. Turned me on big time. Thanks for sharing. I hope you will post more of your experiences with your hot wife.