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2012-08-28 10:20:09 Daddy comes home from work (pt. 10) I'm a bit late here, been watching vids on XNXX for years and just discovered the stories.
I am a devoted pussillikker, especially introducing young willing girls or neglected women to the joys of a talented tongue and mouth.
I love your stories and hope you continue to post(maybe add a more detailed description of licking a virgin pussy?), not to be taken as criticism. Your writing skills exceed most on here. So many I read on here have a young virgin pussy, often hairless, and they immediately shove their cock in it without so much as a lick. That should be considered a crime within itself!.....How many times in your life do you get the chance to lick one that's never been fucked? A big part of the turn on with youinger is to watch the expressions on their cute little faces as you take them to realms of pleasure they never before imagined! fantasy of course. Keep up the good work. I have a few I've written for some lady friends that I'm now considering posting here.
2012-09-03 16:39:34 Okay....I'm 13 Chapters into this and I feel I must comment on this........First of all I love the story as well as your writing style, storyline, honesty and the way you build the characters; but seriously, ever heard of spellcheck or a dictionary? I know you're waiting for a real editor before publishing, but I find the repeated use of "latter" instead of ladder, "shuttering" instead of shuddering, your misuse of there, they're, and their very annoying. And that's only a few of the more obvious ones!.....there are many more. I mean really, put a dictionary shortcut on your browswer or even a hard copy on your desk. Otherwise I love it.........You ARE an excellent writer! Just clean it up a bit.

[I understand this comment is too late since you're probably finished with it by now, but maybe this can be some useful advice for future writings? Honestly, it will not only make your writing more enjoyable to read, but places your education/intelligence in a much better light.
2012-09-07 14:44:56 My little girl tiffany at the beach I have such a difficult time understanding you guys writing stories of having these young girls' sweet, luscious pussies right in front of your face and yet you fail to even give it one lick? If it was me I would have the tip of my tongue licking her precious hymen! And I think it should be considered a crime not to lick a virgin pussy before deflowering it. I have had oral sex probably a dozen times with girls before fucking them, and by that time they were literally begging to be fucked! .....Besides, it would add so much to your story as you would have her willing to do ANYTHING after you licked her to a few orgasms!....I speak from experience!