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2012-05-15 18:07:36 Damian’s Harem yes it is posible to give birth at 11. i had two friends that had kids that were two years old and they were 13
2012-06-01 02:08:17 Damian’s Harem hey guys. give me another week or two and part two will be done
2012-06-30 19:17:11 Damian’s Harem part 2 Alright look this is a small spoiler. the dad is dead, and then there is the other. the getting the women pregers, we will get to that when we ger to that. as for his mom you will see.
2012-07-02 20:56:05 Damian’s Harem part 2 to the last one that made a comment. GO FUCK YOUR SELF. i am not interested in your bull shit thinking it's funny. i ask people to comment make my stories better. if you dont like it, or dont want to help then dont comment again.
2012-11-13 19:14:28 Zombies.....The search for life i like it but i see more you can do to it. dont just put the two kids to gether bring in another woman into the mix