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2011-02-24 17:27:20 INCEST a Blue Interview Ohhhhhh mannnnnnnnn I could be Dad. Wish I were so lucky
2011-02-25 09:53:04 Ohhhh mannnn could I use a threesum like that
2011-02-25 10:35:53 I loved it. I think that mother son incest is much more thoughful and considerate. i think sometimes (frequently) fathers take advantage. The only incest I have experienced is brother sister and I have many fond memories of that
2011-02-25 10:42:52 I was 14 when an older gentleman taught me how to. Loved your story, wish I had gone further when I was 14
2011-02-25 10:48:42 Cocksucking At The Movies I love this. it has been a good many years since I was in a porn movie and just realized how much I miss it