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2009-07-25 04:48:19 Caitlin's Detention Thanks for the comments. Sorry about any typos. I figured I got them all, but that's what happens when you proofread late at night... Anyway, I may make another part to this one, but that's if I'm in the mood. We'll see what happens though :p
2009-08-18 04:44:16 Caitlin's Detention I do wish that those who voted negative would write a comment as to why they didn't like it that way i could make an even better story perhaps next time.

That, or if you're just voting negative to keep my story off the front page without even reading it so your own stays, that's kind of low. -_-

Oh well, i can't stop you, but I would like those who vote negative to please tell me why you voted negative that way I really can make a better story next time.