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2010-12-15 12:22:58 very good write so far
2010-12-25 21:52:16 wow, and i thought i was fucked up
2010-12-25 22:00:57 A Lusty Teacher i liked it, message me if theres a part 2 coming!! or if you want ideas of where to take it next..
2011-01-03 16:40:20 How I came to be. Part 1 oh i'll be reading part 2
2011-01-23 02:39:10 Oh no Please...... dont listen to peoples criticism they probably just dont like the fact it was a bunch of guys rather than girls... i liked the way it was written, i wouldnt switch from 1st to 3rd so much myself, but it did work kinda.. lol pm me x