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2014-08-18 09:01:56 Love Makes Destruction I'm sorry it was poorly understood. Although I disagree with you, my friend, I respect your opinion. The italicized words are from the night before, non-italicized is the present. Thanks for reading. Leave me lovely comments, guys. <3 Also, I've been thinking about re-writing Caden/Nyx. They'll be older, more mature. Feedback? LOVE YOU ALL!
2014-08-18 09:05:11 Love Makes Destruction Also, someone be my boyfriend. Applications available. Looking for my Caden <3
2014-10-16 20:56:11 My Boy, Callum. (Part 4) These two are perfect! <3
2014-09-12 18:58:20 Like Gasoline - Blake & Ben (Part 6) I don't care, one of the best damn stories on here. Blake and Ben having me in tears.
2014-09-21 22:32:24 My Boy, Callum. (Part 2) Better than the first. I really like these two. Keep it up!