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2010-12-25 16:41:14 what ever happenz happens Christ man! Can you post a video of your balls whith the wooden spachula? I'm just dying to see iot!
2010-12-25 17:01:34 what ever happenz happens Ok guy. If your only half German you should have got at least 2 of the 4 words correct but you only got 1 out of 4. "Ich habe eine Schwester" and I'm not even 1/8th German. Loved te bit about your balls and the wooden spachula. Let me know if you post the video of it on YouTube
2010-12-29 05:53:54 The Teacher's Conference This is just so beautiful. Has to be in the top 3 stories on the site. How it isn't rated 110% beats me. Why can't people who don't like a story just go away and leave an obviously great and well-written story's rating high? It's what a lot of people look for and thousands must have missed out on Mandy's first time because of a handful of dicks!
2011-02-09 14:36:10 A Satyr’s Revenge I know you're in a difficult position at the moment being one of only 3 writers stuck at the top of the list, as the voting system has been shut down, and therefore the subject of a lot of hate on the site, but of the 6 stories this is the only one I have downloaded and plan to read again. Keep up the good work.
2011-02-10 07:02:11 Disaster at Antonio's Really good. Novel way of telling the story. I'd written a totally different story about the same photo but as I have now asked for all my stories to be deleted I won't be entering the competition. Hope you do really well in it.