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2013-05-21 23:54:43 My son My love When is Cathy's story going to be posted?
2013-05-21 23:55:49 Oh mom I love you This is a very hot story. I really like the line: " We were in no hurry now, we had the rest of the night."
2013-05-21 23:58:12 WHAT WONDERS WEED WORKS ON MOM I think something similar happened to me. It was 1999 and I remember her coming downstairs to wish me a happy new years and she definitely had a few drinks. I remember kissing her in the bathroom and and I was stoned, and I remember grabbing her ass. She showed me her breasts and things never went any further. I wish I could go back to that moment
2013-05-22 00:01:01 Camping With Mom - Part 1 Great story. Nice editing.
2013-05-22 00:01:29 Mom my sweetheart That was a hot ending. This deserves to have a sequel