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2011-02-10 06:19:42 Sharing My Room With Sis 10: Abby's Fear I have read nothing but glowing reviews from readers, this is surely an amazing series and unlike other writers you have stayed with the true love focus that the characters share, you show obvious strength in this area so keep it up.
You are a true artist of love.
This comment was originally posted by me but unfortunately I was logged off at the time, I would also like to say 'you are an excellent writer'
2012-01-09 06:44:47 How I lost my last and only girlfriend Are you fucking kidding me?? Never write again dipshit.
2012-03-08 01:47:23 The Wife's Dare Fucking amazing!! Really enjoyed this one, screw judging its faults, the writing is exemplary and far outshines it. I'd give you two thumbs up if one hand wasn't already busy ;) Fantastic, thanks.