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2011-03-03 20:41:04 Great story! Absolutely loved it.
And to the folks that don't like bestiality stories: don't read them and keep your comments to yourself. No one forced you to read this so if it's not your cup of tea, go somewhere else!
2011-03-04 16:51:22 Lady Annabelle WTF is wrong with some of the readers commenting here?
If you don't like bestiality, why do you come in here to find what you don't like? do you think bestiality means the best-iality and you wonder what "iality' is you dumb fucks?
great story even though I'm more into male dogs. keep it up!
2011-04-24 22:55:59 Fan-fucking-tastic story. You really drew this story out well and made it sound as if it happened to you or me. This is the best piece of boy on boy fiction I've yet to read here. Kudos!