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2011-01-13 08:06:43 An incest birthday chapter 10 to start ill say i love your stories their some of the best ive ever read and what i say isnt meant to attack you i just couldnt hold my thoughts in if i offend you im sincerely sorry

terrible ending for chapter 9 all a dream thats disgraceful i thought you were better then that everyone knows you dont do something like that its just as good as saying fuck you to the fans

and having them use Chris and Stephenie thats just inexcusable instead of having two friends who could help them your having rita and randy use them in the cruelest way not to mention the very act drags their love through the mud theres no excuse they couldnt have just told them they were in a relationship their father wouldnt like and ask them for help their nice kids im sure they woulda helped and maybe later they coulda had 'fun' as a group later please PLEASE fix this i dont want to try telling you how to do your story but they HAVE to tell them before they have sex with them that would go too far