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2011-01-22 07:06:17 A Twist In My Story - I Love You, Caden - Chapter Four so far ive read all chapters and ive to say youre getting better and better:
the beginng was a bit strange when they suddenly remembered that theyre in love, next chapters were good written and with nice detail but "i love you" in every passage was a bit tiring, this one is my favourite: some adding plot, not too kitschy and "practices" i can learn from ;) go on like this!
relating to the ending: im curious to read what happens next, dont have a clue whats going on, just hope this guy has a good excuse for appearing in the middle of ??? and therell be not too much drama, i personally dont like three-ways in stories but im sure youve sth great in mind :*
2011-01-30 16:36:49 Life of Brock 3 cant understand why this one is rated so low, i think its a graet and interesting story line
2011-01-30 16:57:51 Life of Brock 4 yep really hot, but definitely not realistic
please more details
2011-06-01 01:33:23 Help! - The full story. we want a sequel!!! ;) :* awesome work
2011-06-01 01:36:35 Help! - The full story. we want a sequel!!! ;) :* awesome work