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2011-01-30 16:15:56 Training Sarah PArt Six Of course I like the story, i liked the earlier PArts as well! Wait till you find out what happens to Ginny in PArt seven.
2011-09-24 01:21:19 I found my sister stripping. wish i'd see my sister stripping...
2011-09-24 01:22:33 Rachael's Story - Chapter 3 - Morning Showers Does anyone else think this is erotic
2011-09-27 19:25:25 Humbled Tough to take all those lashings in one afternoon, maybe she was taking Advil. The wet pussy from the humiliation is pretty much what happens to me when I'm humiliated.
2011-09-27 19:32:55 ME AND MY BEST FRIEND We used to play similar games when we were little too