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2011-03-02 14:46:25 this was stolen from Lit over a year ago

stop stealing people's work
2011-03-02 14:47:04 stop stealing peoples work
2011-03-02 17:11:21 no , you don't.. i have found MANY of your stories dating back YEARS on different sites by different authors

and if you really are such a good author, why is your grasp of grammar so exceptionally weak outside of your stories
2011-03-02 21:59:02 Charity Starts At Home: Chapter 1 : Mother-Daughter Reunion dear jen jen.. that is also bullshit... but if you want to try proving me " wrong" feel free to show me exactly where it is my story allegedly appeared before then.. a link would be nice
2012-11-14 03:42:42 Heather makes a deal with the dealers Strong middle, but the run on paragraphs tend to detract from the story.. i feel parts of it were very rushed. My advice is take your time.. you had great dialogue but kept smashing everything else together