Comments from clarise

Date Story title Comment
2011-09-13 19:46:07 Mom's Second Husband Solid prose. Good imagery. The coitus interruptus is most likely not appreciated by many, but I liked the plausibility. c.
2011-09-18 22:40:43 'Til Death A superbly written, sexy, compelling and nasty little fairytale.
2012-02-03 22:14:01 Blue Pt1 Yeah, more. And not just because I get a cameo.
2012-02-03 22:29:57 Blue Pt2 Are you serious! What a dumbass place to stop! MORE!!!!! :)
2012-02-15 18:38:32 For My Woman's Love This is awesome. Among your very best. Crisp tight filth, honed and perfected. Did another site really reject this? Screw'em. Their loss.