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2011-03-10 00:59:09 Me and seth I think it was a great story , why do people have to be such asshole , not every one knows how to spell everything right i dont ither but who care's it's all about the story an word's , Keep up the good work , wish i had had a buddy like yours when i was growing up , your story got me hard reading it .
2011-04-02 15:43:08 I'm Telling Dad! i am wanting to find a younge female , 9564001797
2011-05-17 02:24:03 13 year old virgin i don't understand why some people just have run their mouth , these storys are not ment to be published like a book would , read the story an enjoy it , you read it with out needing to figure word for word , so just keep your mouth shut about spelling , first off it is better than the story you wrote , ohh THATS RIGHT YOU DIDNT WRITE ONE HAHA
2011-09-17 21:53:28 Young Vickie #1 i think it is great someone else know's the feeling few ever get to know , the real love between a daughter an a dad no other love could be so honest an with only pure love from a younge female to her daddy.
2012-07-04 16:42:21 I think it was a great story ,an she was right it was better it was you instead of someone else , you lucky man you , i also know you never turn down a younge female wanting to have sex .ok now all the other bad people are gonna complain about bad spelling , fucking such a younge girl . if given a chance they would have done the same but didn't take the chance.