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2011-02-12 11:21:20 My first time doing anal Thanks for the input. I get hard every time I think about her, even years later.
2011-03-12 22:15:33 My Cousin Lisa For you jealous's all true. Fuck off if you doubt me.
2011-03-13 16:58:32 Hot softball coach One man could not get lucky so many times in one life? Really?

Are you totally scared of pussy or what? Fuck man, get a clue how to get laid.
2011-03-13 20:16:49 Hockey Fantasy Looking forward to part 2 and more. I'm a hockey player and would fuck your brains out with wearing nothing but my goalie pads and helmet.
2011-03-13 22:13:47 Lynn at the stereo store Who are the fags voting Negative on this? What's the matter, not enough dudes taking it up the ass for you, ya pussies?