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2011-04-21 20:34:53 Tina the little thief Great story....very hot. Who are the fags who don't like this? Seriously...go read the homo-themed stories, you queers.
2011-04-24 10:28:04 My first rape I loved this one too. Keep writing!!
2011-04-30 22:28:46 Allie and I re-connect on Facebook Anyone who didn 't like this is fucking retarded or trying to boost their own stories.
2011-05-01 20:42:37 We run train on Tracy I liked this one. I bet that slut was sore for a week. I've always wanted to run a train on some whore like that and have all the guys cover her with sperm. Well done.
2011-08-21 12:04:40 Hot Fuck With a Trucking Lady Sorry, 205 area code girl.....that aint gonna happen.