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I am an old guy (75) who wants to have a young boi-friend, 18-30. I only like fem, "Girlie-girls", and not "Boy-Boys". I used to consider myself "Bi", but now I realize that I am really "Straight", liking only females, regardless of their physical bodies (Transgender-ed). Some people will never understand this, but that is how I see myself. l treat their penis as if it were an over-sized "clit", yes, I lick and suck it as I do girls who have vaginas and clits of the more usual variety. To me, a girl is a girl and if I am turned on by her personality then her body is of secondary importance. I had two transgendered 'lovers' as a youngster, and had far greater sex than any of my guy friends, most of whom had NO sex experience, while I had excessive amounts!
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Making my partner feel Really Good. No games, fighting, etc. "I am a lover, NOT a fighter".


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