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2011-02-17 02:56:10 Swimming Lessons 10 yr olds have tits and periods. My 12 yr old is 5-2 85-100 pounds and a 36C already, she wears sports bras, in effort to keep them looking small, at 11, she was completely flat, in 2 months time when she turned 12,the blew up. My 14 yr old is 5-6 100 34C, 13, she was lemon sized, blew up overnite. Their mom has surgically enhanced 36's!!! It is not to far-fetched!!!
2011-03-18 22:41:40 Playing with Sister and her Friend That is exactly how I started out, the blinfold taste test game, hell she sucked my finger and made me cum, when I was young...
2011-04-29 12:05:08 My first rape I get turned on by non-consensual sex, but turned off by the violence of a full on rape. I suspect you are nothing like the guy in the story. I will not judge you or demean you, keep writing.
2011-04-29 12:06:51 My first rape Fix'm! Come on MAN!
2011-04-29 12:33:05 Daddy and the girls. If you do not like it, do not read it GHOSTRIDER939. The story was silly and ridiculos, but a story all the same. America is the land of "Free Sppech" people like you are the problem, with America, it is a story. You probably believe it is the drug dealers fault your daughter is an addict or a song is the reason your son committed suicide, or that a video games caused your child to go on a shooting rampage. Aforemention all hypothetical, of course, unless you believe that also.

I like to READ about sex with young girls (10-13), who you may not like, probably have more sexual experience then we did, back when we were that age, sign of the times. I even think about it, probably would have sex with said child, if it were not illegal, and if I had a dick the size of a thumb, when erect.