Comments from Leroy Morrow

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2011-02-26 22:14:31 Good story. I had always wonder what would happen if Wonder Woman was sent back in time and knew she was at the mercy of Old West Owlhoots as Outlaws was sometimes called then. I give it a positive vote.
2011-02-26 22:17:27 Authentic Old West setting. I like the despections of the outlaws. I give a positive very positive vote
2011-02-26 22:19:18 I never thought that a wild wolf could be able to fuck a human female. Again positive vote.
2011-02-27 04:08:54 I kearned something about Amazon women that I didn't know before hand and that of how centaurs came about and I didn't know it was as a result of have Sex with a horse to a Amazon woman.
2011-09-27 03:18:49 Rachael I like your story.