Comments from Depravity_as_a_Wayuv_Life

Date Story title Comment
2011-03-10 23:33:28 Experimentation Piquantly imagined & beautifully written. With a story this realized ratings mean nothing. It is not for everybody = "caviar to the general."
2011-03-11 00:24:16 Blind sweetness Delicate & distanced. Strange & moving.
2011-03-11 01:21:28 Bleach: sister revised Sisterhood is powerful... especially taking this turn, this deliciously young. Deeply, viscerally moving.
2013-01-12 21:17:36 Apologetic Sex You've given us a hot sweet glimpse of the dynamics of incest., that is, the feel & detail which the ostensibly incestuous ignore, giving us stats instead (e.g., "Daddy started molesting me at 8 but only got into me when I was 11" etc.). But you've blessed us with the passion & the complications of incestuous love. Thanks. Well-written, too. Congratulations.