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2011-03-05 14:20:52 A fun weekend with teen sluts, a story in 4 parts Ok, NO to what? Parts of the story, all of it or (god forbid!) the author?
There's constuctive criticism, and then there's "uhm, yeah...".
I'm thankful for any comments of the former kind, but the latter is not
helpful for anyone other than the commentee, whatever problems
he/she may suffer from.
Does the story have too much of this activity or too little of that?
Are the activities too much or too little detailed?
Are the sentences too difficult to read, too long or too complex?
Did You not get aroused from reading the story?
Take Your pick, but please give me some clues as to why the story did
not suit You. I assume one is commenting in order for things to improve
and not merely to play with the keyboard!?