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2011-02-25 15:46:10 Sharing my wife Definitely a great experience. My wife and I used to go to one of the downtown watering holes after 5:00 when the business men were stopping in for a few drinks before calling it a day. She loved to wear something sexy and flirt with the guys while I stayed in the background. She enjoyed the flirting and, erotic conversation and getting felt up. Of course, each time we played this game she allowed a little more, and some of the men got to know her. Within a month or two she was passing out her phone number, and more than once slipped outside to give some guy a blow job in his car. We always had great sex afterward, it was a real turn on to kiss her after she had sucked of some stranger's cock.
And now, we're both in our early sixties, no longer hit the bars, but enjoy very fond memories.
2011-03-08 21:51:21 My wife Maryanne Will have more in a few days. Working on "My wife Marianne - Chapter 2". Will focus on her decision to buy a very short, sexy black dress to wear out in public. She's very proud of her ass, and wanted to show it off.
2011-03-10 22:42:10 My first dogging" fun"? Very enjoyable. As a young men I would have liked to be in your place.
2011-03-11 14:48:47 My Wife Maryanne - Ch. 2 If the reader is turned off by the thought of a married women fucking another man, then he should skip Ch. 3 when I get around to writing it. This installment may relate events about 6 weeks later when we attend a New Year's Eve party with another couple with a few other couples and some single guys.
2011-03-15 16:35:12 My Wife Maryanne - Ch. 2 Chapter 3 just posted. Maryanne is looking forward to your comments.