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2008-07-28 22:31:13 I don't agree. If there was a longer time spread people would be complaining that it was too long and too boring.
2009-03-23 15:38:43 This is the best story and the funniest shit ever. The way you personified the boy's dick was hilarious and great. I laughed so hard at this part: "I surely was ready to release my friend from his forced confinement inside my jeans. I wanted to give him his way and let him frolic and play." I can't believe it. Amazing. 10/10
2009-03-25 11:31:12 Lisa raped and drowned It's a very well-written story. And it IS just fiction. The writer may have wondered what it would be like to climb inside the mind of someone like this. It's called creativity.
2009-03-25 11:48:35 I enjoyed this. They had some really serious love for each other and sex with each other. It was nice. The constant and quick changes in viewpoint were annoying to me, but not enough of a deterrent to take away from the subject matter.
2009-03-25 19:42:10 Fucking the black girl next door Fabulous. I don't get why he wouldn't kiss her just because she swallowed his cum, though. Most men don't care about that.