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2011-03-05 21:45:10 Well, Anonymous, all I can say is...tooooooooooooooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! Clearly, this story wasn't written with discernings readers like you in mind. Perhaps a Denny's menu might be more your speed?
2011-03-06 20:11:22 The easy answer: She was never a common slut. Summer isn't the least bit common in any regard. :-)
2011-03-07 00:18:15 Anonymous, stay tuned. :-)
2011-03-07 16:17:43 Anonymous, yes, I've begun posting most of my current catalogue here as well. I'm the one doing it, though. No one is plagiarizing me, so it's fine.
2011-03-11 10:38:19 Oddly, I enjoyed this one more than your two longer stories. I would still like to see you put in the effort to proofread your things more carefully before posting them, yet this one struck a chord. Nice effort.