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2011-03-07 18:21:12 Last Chance....Chapter 3 I am one of those damaged souls. I feal many of the things that he feals.

This story has made me feal hopeful again and I will miss it when it ends.

You are doing fine and have the belief that you are doing a great job on it. Follow your instincts, they are taking you on the right path.

Thanks, Steve for your stories.
2011-03-09 23:52:05 tears There is no need to apologize for the way meds make you think, feal or act. I have side effects too and some people think it is funny, stupid or just me.

We come back to your stories because you are a good writer.

Hang in there, buddy. We are here.
2011-03-09 23:54:17 alone The boat may leave you, but will never make you choose.
Stay with it and calm seas and following breezes. Good fishing.
2011-03-12 23:15:11 Last Chance....Chapter 4 It took me three days to get thru it, but it has helped I think.

Thanks for writing it and hope you will continue the great work.