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2011-02-24 22:14:41 Zac's story 4 Dude i have been using this site for over a year, and i just registered so i could post a comment to you on how awesome your story is, its as good as a best selling book, an emotional rollercoaster that had me crying for you and with you. Good luck and please keep it up
2011-02-24 22:33:08 Zac's story 5 your story is no longer about the sex but the life of zac and logan xx god more please
2011-02-24 22:36:14 Zac's story 5 it is not the worst part, your creating a powerfull story that has us all hooked, it isn't the sex its the romance and possibility of good things for everyone to look forward to
2011-03-06 20:15:29 Sex Club 1 - Initiation i'm not into underage sex, but i do like your stories, its good fiction, this is your 5th that i have read today, your brothers stories are hotter.... but i haven't read the follow up to this yet, good writer
2011-03-06 20:48:58 Water park love screw the anonymous reader that argues over size, i've slept with a guy that was 5 " and a guy with 13 ", average is maths, not real life .... anyway great story moving onto part 2 now lol