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2011-06-06 01:46:35 Sara The Bad Babysitter Had great potential but as others have said the violence/ass rape was a major turn off.

Negative voting because you need to take the time to tag better.
2011-08-31 17:38:32 Was interesting to say the very least. My husband lost his virginity to an older woman and she was as natural as can be so now he prefers women with hair vs the shaved look so he really enjoyed your story. He said its real life, describing all the smells etc, he said its something one would expect in real life and just roll with it. Just like one would simply roll with it if a parnter farted during sex or what not. Im not sure I could handle hair on my breasts but Im pretty natural most other places. Obviously I shave my legs and under my arms because it bugs me to feel the hair but husband requests I dont touch the bush. LoL anyways, interesting read. I voted it up.
2011-11-05 21:52:15 The webs we weave I liked this a lot, mainly because it is so different from all the pedo/incest/animal crap on this site, but you probably should have made it a little longer or added more details. Its rather hard to find believable that a lesbian would screw her lovers brother only moments after meeting him.

Just my 2 cents. :)