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2011-03-19 17:22:45 Will's new old home: Part 1 Why would a guy wear sliders in the shower? Any girl who drilled a hole to peek into locker room showers I have ever used would be able to see everything unobsructed on all the guys, often including what it looks like when they wash below the belt. Otherwise a pretty good story from a fellow West Virginian.
2011-03-19 18:25:27 Will's new old home: Part 2 OK! But more with Amy Lewis and her penchant for blackmailing male students. You are giving up on Brook's peek hole into the boy's locker room showers ~ too much potential there. I will message you.
2011-03-20 19:52:49 Will's new old home: Part 3 girl/girl scene is good. I luv the Amy Lewis character. I hope she is just getting started. Rachel is the stalker bitch from hell who I am sure will orchestrate all the most sinsiter characters. .
2011-03-24 23:53:18 Will's new old home: Part 6 ROLMFAO! Wish I had that much fun when I was 14. I will message u.
2011-03-28 20:21:06 Will's new old home: Part 7 I guess Lynn will be lesbian and proud. We will watch out for Sam who lived on "the farm" . Will Pierce ever lose that chastity device? I guess that will depend on what happens to Amy Lewis.