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2011-03-05 20:27:40 Temptations of a Young Teacher i loved this story. i really got attached to the characters. aww, they could make a movie of this!
2011-03-05 20:30:33 Temptations of a Substitute dude, i read like all your stories! i have them on my fucking ipod i love them so much. i read them in bed, on the bus, anywhere, making sure people cant see...
but i can never stop reading, u inspire me and i hope that my stories will one day be as good as yours :)
2011-03-05 20:35:59 Temptations of a Substitute oh and the prick thing is KINDA annoying. BUT, a GREAT story. and this kinda reminded me of mr ryan from 90210, i mean, he IS fucking hot!
2011-03-12 00:42:38 The Coven Part 1 - Reed yeah, im working on another. its gonna be from a different point of view from Reed though. and thankyou guys :D